How to Update Windows 10 Drivers Using Device Manager


After restarting your PC, your new drivers are ready to go. Modern operating systems like Windows 10 include some fundamental motherboard drivers to help get the system up and running with bare-bones functionality. They aren’t as necessary as they once were before Windows came pre-installed with most of the bare-bones drivers to get a motherboard and its connected components up and running. However, installing the latest motherboard drivers can improve performance and system stability and ensure you have access to all the latest features and component support. Alongside the base Windows drivers, all motherboards have specific motherboard drivers. These are based on the motherboard’s chipset model, such as X470 and B550 for AMD PCs or B460 and Z590 for Intel PCs. Your motherboard manufacturer will also have individual drivers for specific motherboard models due to differences in performance, components, and features.

  • Note that shadow copies are used as system of back up that can save your files once deleted.
  • Your system will regularly check for new updates related to Windows, so you will most likely receive a notification about it sooner or later.
  • Leave the stick plugged in to your computer and then restart the system.
  • Accelerated scanning speed to help you get the correct drivers within a few seconds.

The first hard disk drives could store megabytes of data, while today their storage capacity is in the terabyte range. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies — now a Western Digital brand — released the first 1 TB hard drives in 2007. And in 2021, Western Digital unveiled two 20 TB HDDs.

Fundamental Aspects Of Driver Updater – An Update

However, sometimes, these drivers can become outdated or corrupted. That is why you need a driver update software that refurbishes your system drivers and get your PC running like new.

Introducing Swift Methods For Driver Support

You’ll have access to the software on up to three devices, plus a higher download speed and a bigger driver database. DriverSupport lets you schedule the scans and Rocketdrivers gets the drivers installed automatically too. By using an offline network you can download or update drivers offline. The free version of Driver Talent is able to suffice the needs of most of the users but those who want to get advanced features should purchase the pro version. Avast Driver Updater also scans for graphic driver issues in real time to provide you with amazing gaming and streaming experience.

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